Our Plans Meet You Where You Are and Take You Where You Want to Be

While most employers have a keen need to reduce health plan expense (and a fiduciary responsibility to manage plan costs), the magnitude of this need can vary. And for some, employee change considerations are weighted more heavily. We recognize that the balance between financial imperatives and pace of change capacity is different from one organization to the next.

A Durable Platform for the Long-term

Our creative continuum of self-insured employee health plan offerings gives you flexibility to balance financial needs with employee change management concerns. All while offering you greater control now and in the future.

Choice & Control

Select from our state-of-the-science Vitori Victory© plans for maximal plan and employee cost savings
Offer Victory and PPO plans under our unified single administration platform and let your employees choose
PPO plans for a more conventional approach without the restrictions of legacy health insurance plans
Or offer a Vitori Health plan alongside your current plan

Flexible Plan Structure & Cost Sharing

HDHP, HSA, HRA, deductibles, copays, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximums, payroll contributions—you decide what plan designs and employee cost sharing you want to have.


Nationwide Availability

Are your employees centralized? Spread across multiple U.S. states or regions? Either way, we have you covered.

Transition Before Your Existing Plan Expires

Employers in fully-insured plans may be able to transition to Vitori Health ahead of their existing plan year (off-cycle) to reap savings sooner. The Big Question… what will you do with the savings?

$2,885 Average Savings Per Employee with NO Cost Shifting | Estimate Your Savings