About Vitori Health

Precision Built

Vitori Health delivers a comprehensive health plan combining highly optimized medical and pharmacy supply chain and plan elements into one vehicle. This creates a high-performing alternative to conventional health insurance. Employers and employees, brokers and consultants, and health care providers can all have a better health plan experience.

Vitori Health is About Modernizing.   

Vitori Health started with the best available science and streamlined purchasing practices. We designed a technology-enabled vehicle that removes excess cost and low-value spending, giving employers and their employees the advantage, rather than the industry. Vitori Health has created a value-based purchasing framework to lower cost and improve quality. 


Don’t pay for low-value care and medications and make high-value care and medications more affordable.

The Vitori Health development team has experience in removing over $100M in excess health plan costs for businesses without reducing benefits coverage or shifting cost to employees. These successes have made it clear that traditional employee health benefits insurance is not working for most companies.


Vitori Health is About Results.

Our fully integrated health plan, with leading-edge cost reduction and payment integrity controls, is backed up with our unmatched Claims Savings Guarantee and preferred stop-loss underwriting.

Vitori Health is About Compassion.

Employers and their employees should have a less costly, more caring health plan. Health is our most important possession. Employers have an enormous responsibility with too little control. They deserve more than they are getting and so do their employees. Vitori’s mission is to truly understand our members’ health care needs and provide compassionate and empathetic support to help them in a highly complex health care system.


$2,885 Average Savings Per Employee with NO Cost Shifting | Estimate Your Savings