Moving Beyond Conventional Employer Health Insurance

Our innovative health plan offers employer savings, better support, and a more affordable plan for employees. Vitori removes outdated employer health insurance industry practices, such as one-sided contracts and price-blind billing that restrict payment controls, patient navigation, and open data access.

An Employer Health Plan That Drives Real Expense Reduction and Value.

Evidence-driven Design
Payment Integrity Controls
Better Member Value
Results Guarantee

Custom-built to drive 20%+ savings on your total medical spend with an unmatched claims savings guarantee. You and your employees will pay less today and experience a flatter cost trend in the future.

Vitori delivers…

Plan assets protection with pre-payment cost controls.​
Communications to help employees get the most out of the plan.
A spectrum of plan types to balance cost savings and change management.
Are You Evolving with the Times?

With more technology and increasing service demands, everything is evolving these days, including the way you do business. Employee health insurance is usually the costliest and most steeply increasing employer expense. Vitori incorporates multiple direct cost suppression mechanisms to guarantee lower health plan expenditures while improving quality and value.

You and Your Employees Deserve More

Vitori’s technology-enabled, value-based design creates the best possible outcomes for employers, employees, and families. In the end, you will be able to invest more money into your business and employees.

Our creative continuum of health plan offerings gives you flexibility to balance financial imperatives with employee change management considerations. All while giving you greater control now and in the future.

Concierge support helps your members whenever they need assistance understanding their health plan benefits or navigating the health care system.

Global Call Center Services – Dallas, TX

    •  $2.6M Savings
    • 1230 enrolled employees 
    • Multi-state employee base 
    • Moved from fully insured w/ conventional carrier (left existing plan 8 months early to capture savings asap) 


  • Background: Private equity ownership seeking supply chain enhancements; ignored entrenched stakeholders who offered limp traditional options or cobbled together alternatives 
  • Aims: Reduce operational expense, offer employees a better benefit at a lower cost


Healthcare EHR Software & Services – Pittsburgh, PA

    • $2.1M Savings 
    • 440 enrolled employees 
    • Multi-state employee base 
    • Moved from fully insured w/ conventional carrier 
    • Specialty Rx drug spend challenge 


  • Background: Financially distressed with massive specialty Rx cost; traditional solutions offered no relief 
  • Aims: Specialty Rx drug $ solution, unacceptable to shift costs to employees with benefits reduction and payroll contribution increases 


Marketing & Software Solutions – Chicago, IL

    • $900k Savings 
    • 450 enrolled employees 
      Multi-state employee base 
      Moved from self-insurance w/ conventional carrier 


  • Background: Leadership tired of price-blind buying; exasperated by outdated system stacked against employers and their people. 
    Aims: Sustainably lower plan costs, remove conflicts of interest, rational health care procurement 


Automotive Retail Services – Tucson, AZ

      • $1.1M savings 
      • 850 enrolled employees 
      • Multi-state employee base 
      • Moved from fully insured w/ conventional carrier 


  • Background: Company growing through acquisitions

  • Aims: Growth synergies; eliminating fully insured added expense; greater control 

$2,885 Average Savings Per Employee with NO Cost Shifting | Estimate Your Savings