A Better Health Plan Experience

Vitori’s answer to outdated employee health insurance is custom-built to drive 20%+ savings by addressing service and financial challenges in the legacy health benefits system, plus an Unmatched Claims Savings Guarantee.

How is Vitori Health different from conventional employee health insurance?

Vitori Health is a modern health plan that removes legacy health plan disadvantages and adverse economics that handicap employers and employees. We have eliminated conflicts of interest and barriers to transparency, data access, cost savings and quality assurance. Vitori Health applies modern supply chain purchasing practices and science-based claims payment technology to drive superior results.


How does Vitori Health lower health plan costs?

Vitori Health is 100% employer-aligned and custom designed to drive cost down and value up. This changes the game for employers by departing from outdated conformity to a legacy system that limits control, creates waste, and adds cost. It is the essential foundation for unparalleled financial results and a flatter year-over-year cost trend.


How is Vitori Health different from “new” health plans?

When you look at most alternatives, you’ll find that they are generally cobbled together with a hodge-podge of traditional and vanilla components. Vitori Health is built with custom-designed and fully integrated critical health plan functions for optimal member support, claims administration, Rx sourcing, pre-payment controls, and open-book transparency.


How does Vitori Health help employees and their families?

Vitori Health is designed to help employees and their families have a more affordable health plan with the support that members need in a complex and costly health care system.


Is Vitori Health transparent with costs and data?

Yes. Vitori Health is founded on the principles of 100% client-centered interests, clean contracting, and full access to all financial and claims data.


What stays the same with Vitori Health?

Vitori Health keeps familiar enrollment, ID card, and benefits design flexibility.


Does Vitori Health offer plan model options?

Yes! Choose from our flagship Vitori Victory plans for maximal cost savings, our PPO plans as a steppingstone, or offer a dual option to employees under our single seamless administration. HDHP, HSA, HRA, deductibles, copays, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximums, payroll contributions—you decide plan designs and employee cost sharing and we’ll help.


Does Vitori Health guarantee results?

Yes! Vitori Health drives a dramatically better financial result than outdated legacy employee health insurance plans. Meet the Vitori Victory© Guarantee, the first of its kind. This isn’t one of those feeble guarantees that demonstrates zero confidence and no value. This employee health plan savings guarantee will reimburse you up to $1,000,000 if we don’t hit your savings target.*


Can Vitori Health be implemented off-cycle before our plan year ends to start saving sooner?

Yes! Contact us to discuss how you can implement Vitori Health without waiting until the start of your next plan year.

$2,885 Average Savings Per Employee with NO Cost Shifting | Estimate Your Savings