Brokers & Consultants

Insurance Brokers, Consultants, and COIs Wanted

Vitori Health is looking for brokers and consultants who are seeking significantly better outcomes for their clients and prospects with an unmatched claims savings guarantee.

Benefits advisors who…

Are locally or regionally focused on employers in their own backyards ​
Are transparent in their arrangements with clients​
Want a unique offering to attract prospects
Recognize the challenges and limitations of the current employee health plan arena​
Are eager to offer something beyond conventional employee health insurance​​

We are also looking fobusiness consultants in other disciplines who want to bring additional value to their clients. For most employers, health care is one of their most costly expenses after payroll and the expense with the steepest year-over-year increaseThe cost reduction Vitori provides can have a significant positive impact on profitability. 

Consultants helping employers with…

$2,885 Average Savings Per Employee with NO Cost Shifting | Estimate Your Savings