BV Investment Partners
Takes an Ownership Stake in Vitori Health

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    Takes an Ownership Stake in Vitori Health
BV Investment Partners Takes an Ownership Stake in Vitori Health

BV Investment Partners
Takes an Ownership Stake in Vitori Health

Giving Employers and their Members a Less Costly, More Compassionate Health Plan

Custom-built plan drives 20%+ savings by addressing service and financial challenges in the legacy health benefits system and offers an unmatched claims savings guarantee.

February 2, 2021, Boston, Mass. – BV Investment Partners has announced its investment in Vitori Health to deliver an exceptional technology enabled health care benefits experience for employees and their families while reducing the longstanding challenge of health care costs. The company offers multiple health plan options and stand behind claims savings with a unique guarantee model.

“With Vitori, we have taken a stake in a positive market disruption offering that aligns with our strategic investment orientation,” says Vikrant Raina, CEO and Managing Partner with BV Investment Partners. “Vitori leverages technology to remove barriers and conflicts of interest in traditional insurance that prevent employers from gaining durable control over cost and value. This reduces immediate and long-range business expenses and liberates profits. And it gives employees personal, caring support plus better benefits that cost them less in their paycheck and when using care. It’s a double victory.”

The Vitori development team has experience in removing over $100M of excess health care costs for businesses while creating better value. Successes with these companies have made it clear that real results mean doing things outside the traditional insurance system. Designed from the ground up, Vitori combines tailor-made features, including concierge member support, unique medical payment controls, preferred surgical arrangements, optimized pharmacy sourcing and pricing, and open employer contracting.

Employers shouldn’t have to sacrifice key business needs to fund health benefits. Employees shouldn’t have to compromise their health or wages to afford their benefits and health care. Vitori proves that offering comprehensive health benefits does not have to create a financial burden for companies or their health plan participants.

“Health is our most important possession and very personal,” says Neil Quinn, Chief Strategy Officer of Vitori Health. “Employers have an enormous responsibility with too little control. They deserve more than they are getting and so do their employees. Vitori’s mission is to truly understand our members’ health care needs and provide compassionate and empathetic support to help them in a highly complex health care system. It’s a mission that we deeply believe in.”

About BV Investment Partners

BV Investment Partners is one of the oldest and most experienced sector-focused private equity firms in North America. Since its founding in 1983, the firm has invested $3.9 billion in 107 companies, actively targeting investments in the tech enabled business services, software and IT services industries.

About Vitori Health

Vitori Health is a health benefits solutions; health plan strategy, procurement, and administration; and management consulting provider for employer-sponsored health plans and corporate clients.

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$2,885 Average Savings Per Employee with NO Cost Shifting | Estimate Your Savings