The Vitori Way

Vitori has removed excess cost and waste from health plan benefits, while upgrading what really matters—the member experience. Vitori eliminates barriers and conflicts of interest in traditional insurance that have prevented employers from gaining durable control over cost and value.

Comfort & Control

Freedom from biased one-sided insurance industry arrangements and conflicts of interest

Financial Protection

Fair Market Payment and Smart Rx Sourcing controls, plus our unmatched Claims Savings Guarantee

Compassionate Support

Caring and responsive member concierge advocacy and assistance

You Can Offer Better Benefits + Compassionate Support at a Lower Cost.

Employers shouldn’t have to sacrifice key business needs to fund their health benefits. Vitori proves that offering comprehensive health benefits doesn’t have to create a financial burden for companies or their health plan participants.

You and Your Employees Deserve More.

Maximize savings and cost control with one of our quality alternatives to outdated employer-sponsored health insurance plans. The Vitori development team has removed over $100 million in excess health care costs for businesses. These successes have made it clear that traditional employee health insurance benefits are not working for most companies. We provide real results, and we're here to help you every step of the way.

Straightforward Contracting

Clean, simple and clear contract terms with no hidden “gotchas”

Affordable for Employees

Member no-cost elective surgeries, telemedicine, and preventive/select specialty medications

Help with Change

Streamlined implementation and plan transition support

The $1,000,000 Vitori Victory© Guarantee

Vitori Health drives a dramatically better financial result than outdated legacy employee health insurance plans. Meet the Vitori Victory© Guarantee, the first of its kind. This isn’t one of those feeble guarantees that demonstrates zero confidence and no value. This employee health plan savings guarantee will reimburse you up to $1,000,000 if we don’t hit your savings target.*

*This guarantee requires historical data and other inputs for establishing baseline and underwriting savings projection and may not be applicable to all clients. 

$2,885 Average Savings Per Employee with NO Cost Shifting | Estimate Your Savings